TECNICISTER began its activities in 1998, with four members from distinct professional areas – steel structures erection, industrial locksmiths, industrial maintenance and mechanical lathe – which complement each other.

The formation of the company emerged with the opportunity that arose after the extinction of some services in the CMP company (Cimentos Maceira e Pataias S.A), those became subcontractors, and justified the creation of TECNICISTER, whose first activities were consisted in providing services of industrial maintenance to that company.

TECNICISTER’s services have broadened beyond the industrial maintenance services, to civil locksmiths, metallic structures, automatic and non-automatic equipment, such as conveyor belts, washing machines, primarily in the cement and food industries.

In 2004, TECNICISTER moved its headquarters to an industrial building about 600 square meters, which allow the creation of much larger works, therefore enhance the activity in the civil and metal locksmith areas.

With only one founder, but keeping close partnership connections with some of the co-founders, the current TECNICISTER management wage in the industrial maintenance as its primary sector of action. This strategy has been proven suitable, given the increasing number of clients and billing.

TECNICISTER is developing, with the JLM company, a quality management program, according to the ISO 9001 regulation. The main objective is to create an organization system capable of ensuring the sustainability of its developing business.